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  • Tracy was unbelievable to work with, she guided us through a very difficult mortgage renewal process, and was incredibly supportive, communicative, hard working and was always there for us when we needed her. Because of Tracy, we were able to secure a mortgage rate so low that we actually have extra money to pay off our other debts! She is always professional, knowledgeable and upbeat – her incredibly friendly demeanor makes the entire process easy. I cannot recommend her enough. She will always be our go to from here on in. Thanks again!

  • When I approached my bank and was told they wouldn’t help me with a mortgage application. Tracy had 2 pre-approvals for me within 48 hours of our appointment. I’ve known Tracy for 20 plus yrs, during such time we have had personal business dealings and professional as well. Throughout this time every time I needed her assistance, she was on task and to the point when I needed questions answered. For my mortgage she took the time to explain my options, and was able to find me a great rate. I appreciate her knowledge and trust her advice totally, I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a personal level of professionalism in acquiring a first or second time mortgage on any level.

  • Tracy went above and beyond the call of customer service, and even above what we expected of her in regards to service. She was always in touch with us making sure that we did not have any new questions and making sure we were really understanding the process. She did not wait for us to call her, as she was always the one calling us. She worked well above and beyond at getting us our mortgage and was not willing to accept a declined answer from lenders. The after care is just as exceptional. Thank you Tracy.